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Creative Brief | Project Initiation | Change Request

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Project Owner:
Project Name:
Client Contact
Date And Time:
Your E-mail:

Please be as thorough as possible in answering the following questions.

1. Why are we doing this project?
(What is the objective? To boost awareness? Generate Leads? Drive Traffic? What else?)



2. Who are we talking to?
(Describe the audience demographics, psychographics and what they think/feel about your product/service)


3. What is/are the communication vehicles?
(Is it a campaign, a print ad, a brochure, a video or something else?)


4. What are the messages?
(Consider the value propositions and what we want the audience to think and feel.)




5. Why should we believe these messages?
(List features, services, benefits, programs, advantages that support the message.)


6. What do we want the audience to do?
(Call a number, hit a website, visit a location – always include something tangible.)



7. How will we track/measure the success of our efforts?
(Outline specific metrics and mechanisms for measuring outcomes from the communications.)


8. What should the tone be?
(Should the communication sound friendly, serious, urgent, funny or something else?)


9. Do you have any executional ideas?
(What are you thinking for visuals or headlines? Did you scribble something on a napkin?)


10. What is the competition doing?
(Describe or submit any relevant marketing activities/messages that might impact our thinking.)


11. Are there any mandatories?
(List any logos, phone numbers, web addresses, disclaimers or any other must-haves.)


12. What is the budget?
(About how much money is available to create and produce the communication?)