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Brand Strategy


The most successful brands are guided by a strategic framework that includes differentiated products and services, a defined positioning and personality, audience-specific messaging, and standards to improve consistency and allow re-purposing across executions and over time.

The starting point for brand design is a Positioning Statement that we collaborate with you and your key managers to create. Once approved, the Positioning Statement serves as the “rational” side of your brand, primarily influencing the way you talk about brand value.

The next componenet of brand design is the Personality Description, which serves as the “emotional” side of your brand. The Brand Personality influences the look of your brand – something that we refer to as your “page personality.”

Together, they are your Brand Identity.


Successful brand management allows brand strategy to supersede personal opinion or company politics when reviewing creative work. To manage a brand reputation with a high degree of strategic control, we offer the following Brand Management Systems:

Graphic Standards
Logo Usage, Page Personalities Guidelines, Design Templates

Language Standards
Taglines, Naming Architecture, Style Guides, Language Templates

Process Standards
Roles, Workflows, Documents/Forms, Information Management

Measurement Standards
Objectives, Measured Results, Brand Reviews

Marketing Communications Plans
Integrated Media Mix and Budget Recommendations
Project Tactics (advertising campaigns, websites, multimedia, lead generation, collateral)