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Kelly Sigmon
Creative Writer

Kelly graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in English and from Yale University with a master's degree in Theater. He also holds a degree in Interior Design.

Kelly has served as a literary manager for theater productions, written copy for advertising agencies, led database marketing strategies for a financial planning company, and been involved in design, merchandising, and sales for various furniture manufacturers.

Most recently, he was senior editor for 10Best, Inc., a digital media publishing company specializing in travel and lifestyle. He spearheaded the creation and production of online content in myriad forms, managing an in-house staff and a team of contractors and contributors. He also collaborated on marketing, content, and search engine optimization campaigns for clients like TimeInc.'s Lifestyle Group, Southern Progress Corporation, Fairmont Hotels, AT&T, Princess Cruises, and Chico's.

At Sherpa, Kelly showcases internal and external clients according to their desired positioning and to further their business goals. He also creates and integrates content across various platforms to ensure that a consistent brand is met and promoted.

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