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Your Sherpa Brand Marketing Expedition

Brand Research

Whether through proprietary or secondary research, using qualitative or quantitative techniques, the following topics must be studied to develop a solid foundation for brand design:

  • Marketplace
    • Target Audience Demographics and Psychographics
    • Trends
    • Opportunities
    • Threats to Client Success
  • Competitive Position
    • Key Competitors
    • Competitive Positioning
    • Strengths Comparison
    • Weaknesses Comparison
  • Communications
    • Media Mix
    • Consistency of Design and Message
    • Objectives
    • Results
  • Perception
    • Internal versus External
    • Actual versus Desired

When time is of the essence and client knowledge and candor is high, we meet with a group of client-side “brand influencers” for a two to three hour research session that sets the foundation for creative executions and brand management.

When time is not an issue, but knowledge and candor may be, we can combine proprietary and secondary research to set the brand foundation. In both cases, all of the above topics must be researched before a brand identity is designed or refined.

For information about a Brand Development Session for your organization contact us today. We would be delighted to discuss your needs.