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Your Sherpa Brand Marketing Expedition

Our Philosophy

It's simple. Your brand speaks volumes about your business. At every touchpoint, it communicates who you are and what you do. When it comes to crafting your marketing materials, the choice is NOT “do I or don’t I do branding?” The marketplace sets your brand reputation. Your only choices are how carefully and strategically you want to manage your brand reputation.

We understand that good brand design and management takes careful strategic planning and thoughtful execution. It also takes a team of individuals with extensive experience in brand research, brand design and brand management.

From small brands to large, from business to consumer products and services, and from a client’s perspective to that of a marketing partner, our team has that experience. Unlike many agencies, we don’t bring the “big guns” in for new business pitches, then assign or hire newcomers to the account. Our experts guide your brand as necessary, every step of the way.

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