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Tracee Clem
Project Coordinator

Tracee earned a BS degree in Graphic Communications and a minor in Business Administration from Clemson University.

Following graduation, she moved to St. Louis, MO, working as a project/production manager for the commercial and retail division of Group360, where she handled client relations for more than 25 accounts and managed the project and production management departments. Among her responsibilities were training new staff and interns, scheduling projects and workloads, managing customer service, facilitating production, projecting monthly sales, establishing procedures, and assisting in quality control. Later, Tracee took the position of marketing coordinator, where her key roles included assisting salesmen with RFPs, creating new prospect presentations, managing data asset management for the marketing department, and traveling to off-site locations to help implement process and organize workloads and production. Prominent clients during her 6-year tenure included Johnson & Johnson, Harley-Davidson, Brookstone, Lorillard Tobacco, and Pepsi.

Afterwards, Tracee relocated to Springfield, IL, taking a job as the project manager for Omni Communications Group. At this advertising/marketing agency, she served as a liaison between agency client services and the creative department. Tracee was involved with customer service, scheduling, billing, budgets, workflow management, and quality control. In addition, she documented company procedures and processes and spearheaded the use of project management software in all departments.

At Sherpa, Tracee's goal is to ensure adherence to marketing and creative deadlines. Her roles involve tracking and maintaining detailed schedules for cross-functional projects, implementing procedures, documenting workflows, and managing budgets, costs, and scheduling. Her extensive experience also allows her to efficiently coordinate the efforts of multiple internal divisions with Sherpa's wide range of external clients.

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